Community Involvement

In addition to my publications and teaching, I am committed to bringing the concerns that animate my scholarship into broader public conversations. The issues I am most passionate about include farmworkers’ rights, public lands management, immigrant/migrant rights, and climate justice.  I work with community groups on these issues and help connect students to these organizations for research and community engagement.  I am available to talk to journalists as well as to write opinion pieces and writing for a popular audience on these topics.

Environmental Justice, Race, and Public Lands 

In Spring 2018, I was the lead organizer for a multi-day symposium sponsored by the Center for Environmental Futures at University of Oregon. The symposium brought together practitioners engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusion work throughout the Pacific Northwest with scholars focused on race, environmental justice, and/or indigeneity as they relate to public lands.  It brought together scholars, activists, and community members for sustained conversations.

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